ITSS Executive International Security Programme

Emerging Security Dynamics in the 21st Century: conflict, peace, and policymaking

International security crises and the mechanisms we use to address them have changed dramatically throughout the 21st century. Through dynamic lectures and seminars, our Executive Programme foregrounds intersectional views of international security and world governance as analytic lenses to highlight and question the interrelations between insecurity, power, and violence we face today.


Join ITSS Verona for a 3-day Executive Programme!

14- 16 December 2022

This course is a highly competitive premier one-week program intended for high-performing professionals interested in enhancing their careers and practical approaches to address unpredictable global security challenges. With insight into the conflicts at most risk of escalation, changing geopolitical dynamics, and disruptions in political power, we outline the issues to watch in 2023 in a case-based method, connecting to grander trends in Security Studies.

Students will be exposed to the specific problems, histories, and contexts of these cases, but will also be encouraged to think critically and question the underlying narratives of each topic. With this aim, seminars will be a nexus between theory and practice, enabling the exercise of evaluation and decision-making skills. At the Forefront of these classes are experts from world-leading institutions and companies, including King’s College London, Stanford University, and national governments and the entire ITSS Verona team.

We prepare you to engage with scholars and policymakers, advancing your career in security, defence, policy, and statecraft.


Inclusive, top-notch accessible education delivered by world-leading experts

Flexible and remote learning

Access to recordings of our frontal lectures, interactive seminars and discussions.

Access to ITSS Verona global network

Membership for the year 2022/2023 granting automatic access to every ITSS Verona event, including webinars and conferences

Certificate of completion

Our Classes

Devoid of any politicised agenda, we wish to innovate and internationalise debate through inclusive and accessible means. We offer 12 classes exploring: US-China Competition, The future of strategy, Genocide and Mass Atrocities, The New Middle East, Iran, Dilemmas in Counterterrorism, the Future of Cyber Strategies & much more! For a full view, Access our full syllabus here.

Upon completion, students will obtain an official certificate, network with our scholars and speakers, and join the ITSS community - one of the largest networks in Europe addressing current and future security challenges.


The School runs online for three consecutive days, from Thursday 14th December to Saturday 16th December. Sessions run from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm CET (including breaks).


With the goal of being accessible to students of all socioeconomic backgrounds, we provide a highly reduced fee of 150.00 Euros for early bird applicants (until December 1st) and 200.00 Euros for applications received from December 2nd to 10th.

Apply now and join us!

Please send a copy of your CV and a one-page cover letter explaining your contribution to the Summer School to Once your application is accepted, you will receive the Moodle credentials, payment information, and a copy of the Memorandum of Understanding which is to be returned signed.

The application deadline is set for December 10th 2022.

For any further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch and send us an email at and