Research Areas

International Security is a truly complex field, where the very notion of "security" is relative and contested. As such, we do not have the presumption to know what is best to analyse in this vast domain. We do not make generalisations. Nor do we wish to oversimplify reality.

Rather, we wish to embrace complexity, acknowledging that security means different things to different people. Widening the idea of "security", this is why we have decided to include eight areas of analysis, ranging from terrorism to climate change, from cyber security to human rights, from great power competition to economic development.

In detail, our main areas are: "International System/World Order", which then features seven geographical subsections; "Military Strategy & Intelligence"; "Crime, Extremism, & Terrorism"; "Political Economy, Development, & Energy Security"; "Human Security"; "Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, & Space"; "Human Rights"; "Culture, Society, & Security". 

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