Human Security

Traditionally linked to state and military affairs, security has witnessed the gradual emergence of the individual as a key attribute of the discipline. Whilst not new, issues such as food and water security, climate change, global health, and migration are indeed the fulcra of this section.

How do drought and famine impact security in certain parts of the world? How does climate change shape states’ decisions? Which are the major implications of global pandemics? What are potential challenges linked to transnational migration? Can and should all these matters be securitised?

Keen to learn more, we have the privilege to explore such themes with the following experts.



Simon Rushton, Sheffield University, UK
Nabila Jamshed, UN/TED
Bezaleel Chindo, UNWFP
Claire Muñoz Parry, Chatham House, UK
Duraid Jalili, KCL, UK

The International Team for the Study of Security – Verona

Villafranca di Verona, Italy
CF: 93285920232

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