Crime, extremism & terrorism

Whilst not new, crime, extremism, and terrorism continue to destabilise many parts of the world. Ruthless gangs, Mafia groups, and drug cartels keep murdering thousands. Social, ethnic, and political tension often fuelled by extremist views persist. And 20 years after 9/11, the struggle against terrorism appears by no means over.

What drives people to crime, extremism, and terrorism? Can we define such terms? What have countries done to counter such issues? What are the major dilemmas countering crime, extremism, and terrorism? How is their threat evolving?

Keen to learn more, we have the privilege to explore such themes with the following experts.



Vasco da Cruz Amador, CT expert, Portugal
Boaz Ganor, ICT, Israel
Noor Dahri, Islamic Theology of CT, UK
Brian Jenkins, RAND, USA
Lorenzo Vidino, George Washington University, USA
Vera Mironova, Harvard, USA
Mikel Irizar, Interpol, Argentina
Laurence Bindner, Jihadoscope, France
Alexandra Phelan, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia
Massimo Cozzolino, Radicalisation Awareness Network
Cecilia Polizzi, CRTG Group, USA
Cristina Mattei, Hedayah, UAE
Giovanni Giacalone, ITSTIME, Italy
Stefano Pizza, Panorama, Italy

The International Team for the Study of Security – Verona

Villafranca di Verona, Italy
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