Political Economy, Development & Energy Security

Since ancient times, the economy has been intimately connected to security. Stability, commerce, entrepreneurship, innovation, and planning have determined rise and demise of entire systems.

In a globalised era typified by economic shocks, new markets, regionalisms, and cryptocurrencies, how do states conceptualise their political economy? How do different economic systems interact and collide? How do unequal development and lack of opportunity impact society? What might energy security look like in a post-oil world? All in all, how are such matters linked to international security?

Keen to learn more, we have the privilege to explore such themes with the following experts.



Vicky Pryce, Birmingham City University, UK
Graham Gudgin, University of Cambridge, UK
Leila Talani, KCL, UK
Cyril Widdershoven, Verocy, The Netherlands
Sebnem Udum, Hacettepe Universitesi Anakara, Turkey

The International Team for the Study of Security – Verona

Villafranca di Verona, Italy
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