Human Rights

Sadly, human rights continue to be persistently abused and, as such, emphasis on such a key element of international security is paramount. However, given its breadth, this section is not able to appreciate the entirety of the field and its many facets. Hence, we hereby focus on women rights, gender and identity, minority rights – including refugees and migrants – humanitarian law, and laws of conflict.

For instance, how can gendered lenses impact the study of international security? How do policies of diversity and inclusion affect perception of security? How can refugees and asylum seekers be integrated into society? How do countries see prolonged detention, torture, and targeted assassinations?

Keen to learn more, we have the privilege to explore such themes with the following experts.



Beatrice Maneshi, Catalystas Consulting, The Netherlands
Yasmine Ahmed, UK Human Rights Watch, UK
Sofia Alaines Guzzo, Premise Data, UK
Fitri Bintang Timur, CSIS, Indonesia
Anna Vyshniakova, Ukranian Legal Advisory Group, Ukraine
Daniel Heilmann, Max Planck Foundation for International Peace and
Rule of Law, Germany
Šeila Muhić, Università degli studi di Bergamo, Italy

The International Team for the Study of Security – Verona

Villafranca di Verona, Italy
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