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We come from all over the world, counting dozens of members and more than 100 experts from world-leading academic and professional institutions. We’re innovative, international, and fun. 

The ITSS Summer School will help you build your future as an expert in international Security. We strive for innovative thinking by providing reliable knowledge and content. Our professors are scholars from all corners of the globe, with firsthand experience that challenges and innovates the dominant discourse on Security. 

Our tracks tackle terrorism, grand strategy of the US and China, the reemergence of the Greater Middle East, the reality of modern Iran, the evolution of modern conflict and human rights, and the future of the cyber domain. All modules focus on practical examples, live interviews, and debates to make everything as interactive and stimulating as possible.
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ITSS Summer School 2022

The Contemporary Challenges of Security, Policy, & Statecraft

The day has finally come. We are enthusiastic to announce the launching of the very first ITSS Verona Online Summer School!

Globalization and interconnectivity have brought us closer, but they have also led to complex transnational challenges with lasting impact on issues of security, policy, and statecraft. As we continue to adapt to the changing demands of our current and future world, it becomes increasingly important to understand and decisively respond to developing socio-political concerns. 

To prepare you for this, the ITSS Summer School has developed six educational tracks aimed to provide students and professionals with an innovative, stimulating, and thorough exploration of contemporary security challenges. An inspiring mixture of academics and professionals, our Summer School boasts experts from world-leading institutions and companies, including King’s College London, Columbia University, RAND, Deloitte, and BBC. Adding to this, we also recruited former terrorists now involved in prevention of violent extremism; professionals working with the UN; and former military personnel with unmatchable operational experience. Our school will prepare you to engage with scholars and policymakers, advancing your career in security, defence, policy, and statecraft.

ITSS opens applications for its 2022 Summer School!

Our Tracks

Devoid of any politicised agenda, we wish to innovate and internationalise debate through inclusive and accessible means. We offer six tracks exploring:


Furthermore, all participants are offered one optional foundational course (shades of security) featuring concepts of international security, quantitative and qualitative methods, field research, and academic life and publishing. Each session has been carefully prepared to be focused, stimulating, and engaging; highlighting current debates in international security, including practical cases and interviews.

Upon completion, students will obtain an official certificate, network with our scholars and speakers, and join the ITSS community - one of the largest networks in Europe addressing current and future security challenges.


The School runs online through four consecutive weekends, from Friday June 10th to Saturday July 2nd. Sessions run from 11:30 until 17:30 CET (including breaks). Our tracks commence at 14:00 CET. The optional foundational course runs on both Fridays and Saturdays from 11:30 to 13:00 CET. The tracks are offered as follows: 

  • Tracks on Terrorism, US-China & Great Power Competition, and Modern Conflict and Human Rights are delivered on Fridays (June 10th, 17th, 24th, and July 1st).
  • Tracks on Middle East Politics, Iranian Affairs, and Cyber Security are delivered on Saturdays (June 11th, 18th, 25th, and July 2nd).


With the goal of being accessible to students of all socioeconomic backgrounds, we provide a highly reduced fee of: 100.00 Euros for one track; 150.00 Euros for two tracks; & 300.00 Euros for all tracks (through recordings).

Additionally, for those participating in the summer school that chose to submit articles to the ITSS Verona International Security Magazine, if pieces are accepted for publication in the second issue, all paid fees for the school will be reimbursed. For more information, please email 


  • Inclusive, top-notch accessible education delivered by world-leading experts
  • Flexible and remote learning
  • Access to recordings of our frontal lectures, interactive seminars and discussions. 
  • Access to ITSS Verona global network
  • Membership for the year 2022/2023 granting automatic access to every ITSS Verona event, including webinars and conferences
  • Certificate of completion
  • Possibility to publish a piece in the second issue of the ITSS Verona International Security Magazine

Apply now and join us!

Please send a copy of your CV and a one-page statement explaining the reasons for selecting your track(s), along with your contribution to the Summer School to Once your application is accepted, you will receive the Moodle credentials, payment information, and a copy of the Memorandum of Understanding which is to be returned signed. The application deadline is set for June 7th 2022.

For any further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch and send us an email at: and

The International Team for the Study of Security – Verona

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