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The Right to Clean Water: Thoughts in sight of the Environmental Crisis

Analysis on the right to clean water and how climate change could be dangerous in securing enough resources.

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Interview with Nawres Arif

ITSS Verona's Middle East Team interviews Nawres Arif, an Iraqi entrepreneur, where he discusses the problems facing Iraq, the region, and the entire world.

Interviewing Team: Angelo Calianno and John Devine.

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Natalie Dobson on the Rise of Climate Litigations

Natalie Dobson, assistant professor at Utrecht University on international law and climate change law, explains the rise of 'climate litigations' and its ties to human rights and constitutional law. The expert discusses the contribution that this kind of litigation can bring to the ongoing debate on climate change.

Interviewer: Luca Mattei.

November 9, 2021No Comments

A reflection on climate change and security with Dr. Duraid Jalili. (Part 2)

In the second part of the two-part series interview with Dr. Duraid Jalili, Lecturer in Defence Studies at King's College London, Dr. Duraid reflect on climate change and security.

Interviewers: Esther Ruiz and Arsalan Sheikh

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A reflection on climate change and security with Dr. Duraid Jalili (Part I)

In the first part of this interview, ITSS Human Security team members Esther Ruiz and Arsan Sheik interview Dr. Duraid Jalili on climate change and security.

Dr. Duraid is a lecturer at King’s College Defence Studies Department and he is also the founder and co-Director of the Environmental Security Research Group. In this first part of the interview,  he talks about the new security challenges driven by natural disasters and the adaptation of national security and military strategies to climate change.  Stay tuned for the second part of the Podcast!

Interviewing Team: Esther Ruiz and Arsan Sheik

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Dr Maltby on Energy Security, EU Politics, Climate Change, and Covid-19

Dr Tomas Maltby, KCL, explores definitions and concepts of "Energy Security" and how these affect strategies and approaches within the EU context. Particular emphasis is also allocated on how energy security relates to climate change and pandemics/Covid-19.