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Teuta Sahatqija on Cybersecurity and Kosovo

Teuta Sahatqija talks about development of cybersecurity capacity in Kosovo since 1999, gender equality in the technology industry, cybersecurity, cybercriminal and cyberviolence occurrences, and the importance of technological development. Teuta Sahatqija is a Women in Tech Ambassador for Kosovo Chapter and an Advisor to the Mayor of Pristina for Digital Transformation and Smart City.

Interviewer: Zrinka Boric

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ITSS Verona 2021/22 Webinars Series: “Cyber Security in Italy” featuring Andrea Rigoni

For its third event of the 2021/22 Webinar Series, ITSS Verona members Ludovica Brambilla, Chiara Aquilino, Sarah Toubman, and Julia Hogdings discuss with world-leading cyber security expert Andrea Rigoni the question of cyber security in Italy, with particular reference to the creation of the new Cyber Security Agency and its current and future implications.

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Cybersecurity talks with Andrea Rigoni

Andrea Rigoni talks about the most important trends and challenges in the world of cybersecurity. This is ITSS Verona Member Series on International Systems, section on Artificial Intelligence Cybersecurity and Space. Andrea Rigoni has been working in the Information Security Sector for more than 25 years, he serves as an advisor to NATO and the UN, he also served as advisor to the Italian Prime Minister, and is now Partner at Deloitte Risk Advisory, focusing on cybersecurity. 

Interviewing Team: Tommaso Baiocco, Zrinka Borić, Renata Safina and Arnaud Sobrero.

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Dr Oleg Goldshmidt on Cyber Security, Its Principles, & Challenges

Dr Oleg Goldshmidt on what cyber security is and the latter can be conceptualised and strategised vis-à-vis current and future major challenges to international security, including restrictive measures and Covid-19.