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Prof Boaz Ganor on defining Terrorism

Professor Boaz Ganor, founder of the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT), Israel, shares his insights on the debate regarding the definition of terrorism and explains how it can be demarcated it from guerrilla warfare and proxy warfare. 

Intervierwer: Zachariah Parcels

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Webinar With Dr Boaz Ganor on Drivers and Definitions of Terrorism

Webinar with Dr Michele Groppi (ITSS-Verona President) and Dr Boaz Ganor (ICT Herzliya), who elucidate and discuss drivers and definitions of terrorism.

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Major Conceptual, Legal, Ethical, and Democratic Dilemmas in Counterterrorism

Dr Michele Groppi, KCL, ITSS Verona President, on major conceptual, legal, ethical, and democratic dilemmas in counterterrorism.