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Sonia Silvestri on Environmental Security and Italy’s Coasts

In this podcast, Dr. Sonia Silvestri from the University of Bologna speaks about threats to Italy's coastal ecosystems and environmental security. She explains how environmental challenges across Italy impact the state, its communities, and individuals. She also notes the specific difficulties Venice faces balancing the preservation of its built and natural environments.

Interviewers: Sarah Toubman & Filippo Grassi

This is ITSS Verona Member Series Video Podcast by the Political Economy and Energy Security Team. ITSS Verona - The International Team for the Study of Security Verona is a not-for-profit, apolitical, international cultural association dedicated to the study of international security, ranging from terrorism to climate change, from artificial intelligence to pandemics, from great power competition to energy security.

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Natalie Dobson on the Rise of Climate Litigations´┐╝

Natalie Dobson, assistant professor at Utrecht University on international law and climate change law, explains the rise of 'climate litigations' and its ties to human rights and constitutional law. The expert discusses the contribution that this kind of litigation can bring to the ongoing debate on climate change.

Interviewer: Luca Mattei.