March 29, 2022No Comments

Bordering Practices and Global Health Governance during the Covid-19 Pandemic – with Simon Ruston and Adam Ferhani.

In this podcast, Simon Rushton and Adam Ferhani from the University of Sheffield discuss with us their research on the bordering practices during the pandemic. They unpack the tensions between border control, global governance of public health, and human rights, raising a critical perspective on the conceptualization of borders.  

Interviewing Team: Arslan Sheikh and Ludovica Brambilla.

April 4, 2021No Comments

Dr Simon Rushton on Human Security, Globalisation, COVID-19, Self-interest, & Cooperation

Dr Simon Rushton (Sheffield University, Chatham House) discusses politics of human security and global health in relation to globalisation, state self interest during the COVID-19 crisis, and international cooperation.