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ITSS Verona 2021/22 Webinar Series: “The View From South East Asia”, with Bitzinger and Timur

In this second event of "The View From: Voices from South East Asia" conceptualised and moderated by ITSS Verona members Arslan Skeikh and Arnaud Sobrero, Dr Richard Bitzinger and Dr Fitri Bintang Timur share their immense experience on issues regarding international security, great power competition, trade, diplomacy, and conflict in greatly strategic South East Asia.

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Giulia Pompili on the Security in South East Asia

Giulia Pompili discusses South Asian security perspectives. Giulia Pompili is a journalist and author. She currently sits on the South Asia desk at Il Foglio and writes the South Asian newsletter, Katane. She is also the author of Sotto lo stesso cielo, a book on the relationships between Beijing, Seoul, Taipei, and Tokyo.

In this session, Giulia Pompili discusses Australia & New Zealand's place in the US-China tensions over Taiwan, Japan's perspective on the BRI, Secretary Blinkin's visit to Indonesia, and the US diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Interviewers: Austin Parcels, Alberto Trame.

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Bernard Finel on Strategies of US-China Competition: the US’s “United Front” Approach

Bernard Finel talks about his most recent research work on US-China competition from the perspective of the “united front” strategy currently being pushed by US leadership. In this session, Professor Finel discusses divergent approaches adopted by US friends and allies in dealing with the rise of Chinese power. Bernard Finel is a professor of National Security Strategy at the National War College and Georgetown University in Washington D.C. 

Interviewers: Aida Cavalera and István Hagyó.

This is ITSS Verona Member Series Video Podcast by the International Systems USA Team.

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