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ITSS Verona 2023/2024 Webinar Series – India: the world’s largest democracy goes to the polls

For our third webinar of the 2023/2024 season we uncovered the complexities of the world’s largest democracy's upcoming elections, India, in April 2024, with a focus on Prime Minister Narendra Modi's domestic and foreign policies, the Kashmiri issue, as well as the narratives shaping the political landscape.


00:00 -06:11 Opening remarks and Presentation by Carlotta Rinaudo (Lead of the ITSS Webinar Series)

06:15 What is the state of India’s democracy, and why is Prime Minister Narendra Modi likely to win the elections again?

25:00 What is the general sentiment in Kashmir and how will the results affect the Kashmiri people?

40:16 Is the Indian economy really growing?

1:00:16 How will India’s foreign policy evolve post-election?

1:03:40 Q&A session

1:48:00 Closing Remarks by Carlotta Rinaudo


Join Dr. Anastasia Piliavsky (King’s College London)

Dr. Mauro Bonavita (King’s College London)

Dr. Anuradha Bhasin (the Kashmir Times)

Dr. Pawan Agrawal (Ocean Media Private Limited)

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ITSS Verona 2021/22 Webinar Series: “Middle East Security: The Big Three” featuring Waqar Rizvi

For its second event of the 2021/22 Webinar Series, ITSS Verona members Martina Gambacorta, John Devine and Omri Brinner discuss Middle Eastern security with award winning journalist and political analyst Waqar Rizvi. In this truly interactive event, our chair and members explore particular dynamics pertaining to the three big players in the region, that is, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Iran.

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ITSS Verona 2021/22 Webinar Series: “The View from Brazil”, with Carvalho, Pacheco and Fonseca

For its first event of the 2021/22 Webinars Series, Dr Vinicius de Carvalho (KCL), Cristina Carvalho Pacheco (Paraíba State University), and Ana Carla Fonseca (Garimpo de Soluções) analyse how Brazil sees international security, cooperation, diplomacy, and competition, with a particular reference to US-China.