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Born out of the work and vision of its Members, the ITSS Verona Magazine, the ITSS Verona Magazine of International Security wishes to offer students, academics and working professionals from all over the world with an opportunity to share their ideas related to pertinent issues about pressing questions of international security, including international relations, conflict, crisis situations, diplomacy, strategy and paths to increase security.

Each number, which will be semestral, will feature a section dedicated on major academic debates (i.e. understanding of major theories and approaches to international security), one on policy scenarios (i.e. where writers specifically analyse and propose concrete courses of actions vis-à-vis real crisis situations) and one which features the winners of the ITSS Verona call for papers thematic competition (i.e. winners of the call for papers on Africa and African security).
Peer-reviewed by the members of the Team, this Magazine is an equal opportunity magazine and, as such, invites all submissions from all types of background. Guidelines, as illustrated in the link, are to be strictly followed to facilitate the work and scrutiny of all parties involved.

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